Trent Chadwick Photography

About me

Photography has always been my passion. Whether it's photographing models, celebrities, babies or the places I've visited, my images are a snapshot of my life.

As a freelance photographer based in Melbourne, I credit my time at La Trobe University and Photographic Imaging College (P.I.C) for building me into the creative and passionate artist I am today. That, and a childhood spent collecting scrapbooks of images that spoke to me.

This body of work in photography started in the year 2000 and I continue to be inspired by fashion, film, street culture and as always, New York City.

I have always been fascinated with the world's obsession with 21st Century celebrity.

My work on red carpets, concerts and in studio sittings with celebrities, gives me a glimpse beyond the velvet rope.

My work with male beauty/nudes showcases a varied collection of personality portraits, fine art and voyeurism.  I love to capture the male physique through shadow and light and at times produce abstract imagery as a result.

Trent Chadwick